Career Development and Resume Writing Testimonials

Some of Johanna’s career development and resume writing (and in some cases, BOTH) clients share their experiences below. OIS keeps your information confidential – including in the testimonials posted on this website. Client references are always available upon request.

“Johanna Baum’s unique career counseling sessions teased out competencies that I didn’t know I possessed and helped me communicate my transferable skills to potential employers in preparation for a career transition. As part of these sessions, she created a resume that accurately reflects my prior experience while effectively positioning me for the next phase of my professional development.”

– Senior Marketing Strategist, Publishing Industry, New York, NY

“For eight years, Johanna Baum has been my career advisor and resume consultant. I value her expertise and her thoughtful approach. Each time Johanna works with me, she helps me clarify what I’m most interested in doing next and which aspects of my career history should be highlighted on my resume. She has helped me customize my messaging so that I stand out – both in the workplace and on the job market.

Not only is Johanna an expert in her field, she is also empathetic, an excellent listener, and offers feedback sensitively. These attributes are critical and encourage me to feel comfortable in our interactions. Additionally, she takes the time to produce an excellent product when rewriting resumes. She is invested in the success of everyone with whom she works.

Johanna is my go-to person when it comes to career advising. She has helped me develop a varied Wall Street career. When Johanna works with me, I know I am in the best possible hands! I highly recommend her.”

– Vice President, Equities, Barclays

“After re-entering the job market search (after almost 11 years) I needed to update my resume which is not an easy task. You think it would be easy to write about yourself and summarize your milestones and accomplishments but it is not. I was referred to Johanna by a family friend. She spent over two hours interviewing me (literally). I walked her through my entire career. She asked about my passions at work as well as what motivates and frustrates me. We also spoke about my short and long-term career goals.

Shortly after the interview, Johanna sent me a draft of my resume. The result was a professional looking résumé which properly showcased my skills and my accomplishments which helped me obtain a director level position. I couldn’t have been happier with this service.

Johanna is professional, objective, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this service. ”

– Michael Mitchell, Director of Operations, Legal Services

“Thank you so much for your excellent work in completely updating and recreating my resume as well as the cover letter for a particular job application. After 20+ years at the same company, breaking down my work history successfully for a potential career change clearly required your professional expertise.

My request to engage your services was very last minute as the particular job application had a deadline I desperately wanted to meet. Thank you for working with me, scheduling an evening interview and masterfully taking the information from that interview to provide the perfect cover letter for the position and an incredibly well-crafted resume. You were concerned that there would not be enough time for back and forth edits between the two of us before the application deadline, but you were so on the mark, there were few edits to be made and I was able to send it off in time!

Thank you again for your excellent work in such a short time frame!”

– Manager, NY Art Gallery

“Johanna worked with me to understand and clarify my career goals and focus my job-seeking approach. She then restructured and revised my resume. Johanna’s help and involvement in this process was invaluable. I cannot thank her enough and I was so happy with the results!

Johanna is a superb writer, a sharp editor, and a highly perceptive and very supportive career coach. She gave me individualized attention and tailored her approach to my situation, asking insightful and clever questions that prompted me to think in new ways. She transformed my resume into a strong, concise and well-rounded representation of my experience. She also restructured and reformatted the document so that it is both creative and highly professional, and totally unique to me. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to anything Johanna does. Johanna approaches her work with compassion and an understanding of the very personal nature of this process. She is not only so smart, adding exceptional value, but also a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend working with Johanna whether you need help reworking your resume, preparing for job interviews or switching careers entirely.”

– Cory Ryan, Attorney, New York, NY